Frequently Asked Questions

Southbridge Capital Inc. is a Canadian owned enterprise focused on the acquisition and development of opportunities in the Long-Term Care sector. It is the founder and promoter of the Southbridge Healthcare Fund.
The Southbridge Health Care Fund is an open ended mutual trust fund that provides a vehicle for investors to capitalize on favorable demographic trends such as an aging population, increasing life expectancies, growing need for specialized care and stable sources of revenue in the Long Term Care Industry.  The result is stable, long term wealth creation and enhancing the lives of seniors in Ontario.
Southbridge Capital Inc. is committed to sound corporate governance practices and transparent financial disclosure. The Southbridge Healthcare Fund is governed by five individuals, four of whom are independent of Southbridge, ensuring that the fund is operated in a professional, accessible, and transparent manner.
The portfolio manager for this fund is Yorkville Asset Management, Inc.
The FMV for this fund is calculated monthly.  For more information including associated fees and other Fund details, please contact the portfolio manager Yorkville Asset Management, Inc, Ralph Desando : rdesando(at)
To purchase units in the Southbridge Health Care Fund, contact Ralph Desando : rdesando(at)