Who We Are


A Unique History

The Petersen family has been in the Long Term Care and Retirement Home industry in Canada since 1967 (Versa Care Ltd). Since 2011, the Southbridge team has been raising equity to acquire Long Term Nursing Home beds and Retirement Homes in Ontario.

Southbridge Capital was launched in November 2012 with the acquisition of an initial portfolio of 6 homes and 469 beds. Southbridge now manages over 2100 beds along a care continuum that ranges from independent senior apartments to Long Term Care (LTC) facilities. The current acquisition pipeline holds a further 1500 beds either under contract or with a signed LOI. This would place Southbridge as the 4th largest Senior Living care provider in Canada.

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SouthBridge At A Glance

Healthcare LP

INCEPTION DATE: November 2012

STRUCTURE: Limited Partnership

TOTAL LP ASSETS: ~$125,000,000

Distribution / Yield
(Based on Distribution of 80% AFFO)

2013 Actual Yield: 8.75%

2014 Actual Yield: 8.82%


MANAGEMENT FEE: Shall not exceed an aggregate basis 1.38% of FMV of LP units


Mitsubishi UFJ Fund Services (MUFG)

Asset Mix

Breakdown (%)

Retirement/Other   20%
Class A Beds   17%
Class B Beds   7%
Class C Beds   55%
Class D Beds   1%

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Where We Operate

Unique Features

  • Tax Efficient Design
  • Stable Yield
  • Steady Yield
  • Government Funded Business
  • Entry Into Closed Markets
  • Successful Management Team
  • Accredited or Eligible Investors Only

Strategic Vision

Southbridge endeavors to make a solid return for its investors as well as create positive change in the Senior Living sector through redevelopment and strategic management. We believe that our focused portfolio of Senior Living properties will allow investors to participate in the positive fundamentals of the senior housing sector without similar levels of risk exposure associated with higher acuity types of healthcare and residential real estate.

Going forward, we expect significant investment opportunities in the Canadian senior housing market driven by several key factors:

A growing demand for Retirement Living/LTC and only modest levels of new construction.

Currently there are approximately 20,000 seniors on the waitlist to get into a long termcare facility.

By the time Baby Boomers need LTC that list is expected to exceed 100,000.

Stable government funding for LTC homes.


To ensure our day-to-day quality of care is of the highest standard we’ve chosen Extendicare (Canada) Inc., a recognized leader in quality, clinically-based services, to manage the operations of our homes both before and after redevelopment.

We are proud to be working with the MOHLTC to help build a patient-centric long-term care system by delivering quality care when people need it and protecting the health system for future generations’ well-being.

LHINs focus on their local community’s needs and improving health care for patients in every part of the Province. We are working with the LHINs to help facilitate effective and efficient integration of health care services, making it easier for people to get the best care in the most appropriate setting, when they need it.

We work with the local CCAC offices to support their efforts in facilitating care in Ontario’s diverse communities, providing equitable access, individualized care co-ordination and quality health care.

Southbridge is a member of the Ontario Long-Term Care Association (OLTCA), the largest long-term care provider association in Ontario and the only association that represents the full mix of long-term care operators – private, not-for-profit, charitable and municipal.

Board of Directors

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